Ashes of Creation Apocalypse just rolled out a much smaller PvP map for testing

The Forest of Erinthia features 11 points of interest for players to discover and lots of pretty things to look at like glowing crystal formations, ornate statues, and lots of snow (if one likes looking at snow, anyway). The update also features some gameplay enhancements such as removal of stamina drain and halted stamina recovery when jumping, various weapon ability changes, and the addition of the Autumn Knight helmet for those who have it unlocked among other features.

But perhaps the most interesting bit here is that Forest of Erinthia is a much smaller map in size, around 20% the size of the original map, so players estimate it is intended for only around 20 players at a time. Since it replaces the 100-man map that was live at the start of early access, it looks like the devs have decided, at least for now, to test the battle royale mode and combat on a smaller scale.

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