Blade & Soul – Will of Iron

Last week, NCSoft gave fans and in-depth preview of the Blade and Soul “Will of Iron” update. That update is now live on the servers featuring the new Alchemy-themed specialization for the Destroyer class – Way of the Iron Will. The new spec is now available for Destroyers level 55 and above who have successfully completed the “Legacy of the Hongmoon Clan” Awakening quest.

The update also introduces the new Hangar 0 6-man heroic dungeon. The dungeon is available in Easy and Hard mode and is recommended for level 60 – HM 22 players. “In the dark corners of this industrial hangar lurk deadly martial automatons built in secret, with technology based on reworked Naryu designs,” says NCSoft. “Conquer this challenging dungeon and receive unique items and rewards for your efforts.”

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