Is Theory Crafting Dead?

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  1. Kerodon says:

    I personally am one of the people pushing higher content and theorycrafting, but that’s what I enjoy in a game.

    A lot are just trying to “have fun” casually and don’t have the depth of knowledge/experience/mentality or just the desire to really participate on that level.

    It’s interesting since it kind of progressed like what happened IRL when the internet became more prevalent. What was once “insider knowledge” you had to be in the right circles or go to school for is now available on youtube for free. It’s a natural progression as things become more accessible and the tools for information sharing grow. At the same time, the things being built CAN become vastly more complex and depthful, so I think it’s not so much an issue with the community as it is with developers making their content too shallow or homogenized and not allowing for diversity or changing things up often enough.

    Path of Exile is a great example of a game with theorycrafting viability done well.

    1. Squishy says:

      I agree, I always loved messing around with unknown theories. I do agree that the vast majority of MMO’s in the market today lack depth-heavy content. Most MMO’s are focused on the PvP aspect such as territory wars, which really don’t require much.

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